Hagerty Response Task Force - Applicant Survey
For over 15 years, Hagerty Consulting (Hagerty) has supported clients across the nation with emergency management and homeland security preparedness and recovery services. As Hagerty continues to grow and adapt to meet the immediate operational needs of our expanding client base, we are introducing the Hagerty Response Task Force, a standby cadre of emergency management professionals that may be deployed to response-related engagements nationwide in anticipation of and/or following major emergencies.

Response Task Force cadre members are emergency management and/or public safety professionals that are capable of rapidly mobilizing and deploying to support communities on an as-needed, temporary basis, and are equipped with the knowledge and skills to fulfill mission-essential roles within our clients’ Emergency Operations Centers (EOC), Unified Operations and Resource Centers (UORC), Logistics Centers (LC), and other locations from which disaster operations are managed and coordinated. Response Task Force deployments are compensated at an hourly rate for productive work, and may vary in duration and location, but will inevitably require long hours in stressful, disaster-oriented work environments.

If you are an emergency management professional interested in being considered for inclusion into the Hagerty Response Task Force, please complete and submit the following applicant survey along with an updated resume. Upon submission, your candidacy will be reviewed by the Response Task Force Management Team to ensure that your knowledge, skills and professional experiences are in alignment with the needs of our respective clients, and subsequently be contacted by a Hagerty professional to undergo a thorough interview and screening. Candidates that successfully make it through the screening process will execute conditional contractor agreements with Hagerty and may be contacted when our clients request professionals with your specific experience and skills, in response to an emergency.

If you have any questions, please contact the Hagerty Response Task Force Management Team, at response@hagertyconsulting.com.

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