Texas Standards for High Quality Afterschool, Summer and Expanded Learning Programs- Self Assessment Tool
This is an assessment tool designed to accompany the Texas Standards for High Quality Afterschool, Summer and Expanded Learning Programs. This form will assist you in capturing information about your program and use it in your process of continuous quality improvement. For additional instructions, please visit www.txpost.org. Note ranking is from 1-4 with 1 for lower performance and 4 for higher performance. N/A is for any indicator that is not relevant to your program.
Group/Class (this is for programs assessing multiple sites)
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Safe Environments, Health and Nutrition- A high quality program offers a safe environment where youth have opportunities to practice healthy behaviors and have access to nutritious food.
Document review, Discussion with Program Director/Staff and Program Observation
1.1.a The progam has a system for tracking attendance and staff are aware of the location of youth at all times, including a documented sign-in and sign-out procedure.
1.1 The program provides consistent supervision of youth to ensure safety.
1.1.b The program's space allows for careful supervision of youth, including protection and security from unauthorized pick-ups and unwanted visitors.
1.1.c The program complies with licensing, local and organizational standards regarding staff/youth ratios.
1.1.d The program follows safety precautions based on the type of activity and equipment used.
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