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#Woke101 is a 6-session intensive workshop opportunity during November and December of 2016, offered by the Carl A. Fields Center and the LGBT Center.

The goal of the workshop series is to awaken a diverse array of Princeton University students to the myriad expressions of intra and interracial oppression and to support personal growth around issues of race and racism. Though racial oppression is the central focus of this workshop, its intersections with gender identity/expression and sexuality will also be explored.

The workshop will run two concurrent tracks:
one for students of color with a variety of sexualities and genders (facilitated by Melissa Melendez & Ezelle Sanford)
one for white LGBTQIA students (facilitated by Andy Cofino & Jordan Dixon)

The groups will meet separately for the first 4 sessions and together for the last 2, to maximize both individual learning and growth around issues of race, racism and sexuality and to begin building bridges and coalitions across identities. (And yes the sessions will always have some food provided!)
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Sexual and/or Romantic Orientation
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Gender Identity
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Racial & Ethnic Identity
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Dietary Restrictions
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With which do you most closely identify
We are still determining the timing of the series and want your input. Which of these times can you attend? (Choose ALL that you COULD potentially attend)
To what extent are you knowledgeable of and able to define the following terms: race, racism, racial dominance and oppression, systems of oppression, power, and privilege?
To what extent have you explored your own racial identity, history, and culture?
To what degree are anti-racist practices a part of your leadership work on campus? (leadership including student organization roles, res college roles, sports teams, and other kinds of formal and informal leadership roles)
To what extent have you participated in meaningful intra-group dialogue about race and racism? (i.e. with people of your SAME racial identity?)
To what extent have you participated in meaningful inter-group dialogue about race and racism? (i.e. with people of DIFFERENT racial identities than you?)
What do you hope to learn from this workshop?
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