2017 - 2018 Religious Exploration Family Registration Form
Thank you for registering your family for this year’s Religious Exploration Ministry.
Our Vision is to have a quality religious exploration ministry where children eagerly go to pursue their spiritual paths. The following classes will be offered this year:

[] Nursery (Infant-2 yrs)
[] Preschool (2 yrs-4 yrs)
[] Lower Elementary (PreK-1st Gr)
[] Mid Elementary (2nd-3rd Gr)
[] Upper Elementary (4nd-5th Gr)
[] Middle School (6th-8th Gr)
[] High School (9th-12th Gr)

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I give permission for my child to be contacted via call, text, email or through social media by designated youth advisors from the Unitarian Universalist Community Church.
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**IMPORTANT** Each family that makes use of the RE program (Nursery through High School) will be REQUIRED to volunteer in a classroom capacity. The program will be using a “co-op model” with a "Lead Teacher" (trained, curriculum implementer) and an "Assistant Teacher" (parent volunteer). Therefore, at least one parent/guardian from each family will need to volunteer to be an assistant teacher (or "Teacher" if pre-determined) roughly once per month. Aside from classroom responsibilities, there are other opportunities to help with the RE program; for example, serving on a subcommittee, assisting with an event, chaperoning, assist with driving, etc. ALL HELP IS WELCOME! *
Do you understand your responsibilities, as a parent, to the program?
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I hereby give permission for my child(ren) to participate in the Sunday Religious Education Ministry sponsored by the Unitarian Universalist Community Church. I understand that child(ren) will be involved in physical activity at the church and may occasionally go outside to the playground.
I give permission for my child(ren)’s photo to appear in the following church publications with the understanding that his/her name does not appear with the photo:
On the UUCC Website
On Facebook
Inside the church (for example on a bulletin board)
UUCC Glen Allen Behavior Policy
Click or Copy this link to view the Behavior Policy:


I certify that the information submitted is true to the best of my knowledge and I agree to volunteer as indicated above. I also have read and reviewed the UUCC RE Behavior Policy. *
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