Group Rate Marketing for Acupuncturists
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Please note that in order to offer "group rate," all content – whether email, social media or articles – will be created once per month with NO customizations. You will select either a subscription model ("DIY") to customize and manage yourself, or a service model ("Done for You") to have minor customizations such as adding a logo or link to your scheduler to be managed on your behalf. Each subscription or service is licensed for your practice only.
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Acupuncture Profession: Media Relations, National Advertising & Public Education
How important is a wider-reaching campaign on acupuncture/TCM to you? Please answer the questions below.
Do you believe that having a healthy budget that goes toward a stronger media presence, educating the public and dispelling misinformation is essential to the acupuncture profession as a whole? Do you feel such a national campaign would be effective for your practice in any way? Please share your thoughts. *
Are there any media outlets where you would like to see the profession have a stronger presence? These can be specific health websites, print or digital magazines, etc.
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Any other requests or ideas you would like to share?
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