Gillitts Park Membership Form
Welcome to the Gillitts Park Community! If you are a member already please fill in the form so we can update your details, and if you would like to be advised regarding an emergency Cell Panic service.

For membership information contact Tibor Kolozsvári : 083 655 2171 or
Please add the Gillitts Park Duty Phone to your contacts. 071 624 2099 This is monitored 24/7 if you have an emergency.
Please send queries to Jill Clark : 082 889 8877 or

By completing this form you understand and commit to the objectives of this association as laid out in our Constitution which can be found on our website: The association in turn commits that all contact information is kept secure and for the use of the association only.

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These details are used to subscribe you to
- Gillitts Park Membership
- Emergency WhatsApp groups
- Community groups (optional)

NB: Each member of your household who wants to be on the WhatsApp groups needs to fill in a separate form.

Houses/Businesses : R70 per month, OR R840 per year.
Complexes and Over 65 years old: R45 per month OR R540 per year.

The costs outlined above are a total per household, not per person - paid in advance.
Membership fees do not automatically increase annually. This is voted on at the AGM if any change is proposed.
Various other fund raising/sponsorship efforts are considered to keep member fees reasonable.

All funds go towards our various security initiatives and maintenance of key grassland/bush areas.

See bottom of form for bank details.

Please confirm whether you are the Primary Member of the Household: *
Gillitts Park will invoice Primary members for the membership fees.
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If you are not the primary member this information enables us to bill the primary member for the household. (at the cost stated above - per household/address)
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You will be added to the relevant Crime and emergency alert group for your Street. (eg: NW++)
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I want to register for a Cell Panic Service *
If your Security Company has a sensible mobile panic button please register for it directly with them. Otherwise we can recommend some options. Just let us know if you are interested.
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Include your Street Number, unit number and Complex details, where applicable.
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Please add me to my Community Chat What's App Group.
This group is for non crime related issues - lost pets, social and community related matters of interest. There are three groups: North of Ashley Drive (NW & NE), South of Ashley Drive (you will be added to the relevant one).
Please contact me so I can join up with the Patrol Team
This Patrol team is a large group of volunteers who patrol regularly and are supported by a Base Control team, Blue and Enforce Armed Response Officers and SAPS
Please contact me so I can get involved with the Care Group
This group comprises some 20 people who work together to assist residents in need short term. They supply dinners, help with lifts and provide neighbourly support when needed.
Please contact me so I can get involved with the Environmental Group
This group supports the many bush clearing initiatives in the area.
Banking details (to use for EFT, Stop Order payments):
Bank: Standard Bank Hillcrest (branch code : 045726)
Account number: 337 665 206
Account type: Savings
Reference: Use your Street Number/Name, (or unit number/Complex name, where applicable)
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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