Parent Participation Points Form
Have Questions, need opportunities to participate, or curious how many hours you have?
Contact Joe Bonanno at (831) 476-1646 or email

Tally all points, even those exceeding the required number for your family, these points support the school’s fundraising efforts.

Minimum 10 hours for a single-parent household or 20 hours for a 2 parent household per year.

Unfulfilled hours will be billed in May at $20 per hour.

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Other Parent Guardian
If you are submitting hours on this form for another parent/guardian include their name here.

Include the total number of hours worked by both people. For example if 2 people did 3 hours of work each, you would count it as 6 hours in the "Total" section below.

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Annual Activities
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If you are a committee or event chair state which one. If you are a classroom ambassador, state which classroom. If you referred a family who enrolled, state their name.
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Hourly Activities
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Count hours worked unless a number is specified below.
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Provide additional detail about your activities if necesary
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Tally all of the points you are including on this form. Unless otherwise stated, all volunteer work earns 1 point per hour.
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