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During 2021 the Philosothon Project can provide funding for educational institutions to host a Philosothons and for stakeholders to participate in Professional Development. The project is supported by the Templeton Foundation and UWA to promote the growth of Philosothons in schools and Universities in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore. Typically $1000 is available to applicants that would like to start up a local Philosothon. And typically $300 is available for people to enable them to participate in Professional Development opportunities related to the Philosothon. We recognise that sometimes the support required extends beyond these amounts and therefore people should still apply even if these amounts fall short of the costs involved. Funding priority is given to new Philosothons in capital cities and in regional and remote parts of the country where there is not already a Philosothon. Some new Philosothons will be self funding as participating schools pay an entry fee. Others will require some seed funding in order to start up a Philosothon. If you would like to host a Philosothon and or apply for professional development please fill in your details below.

We will get back to you within 48 hours details about the next step and the likelihood of your application being successful.
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