Opinion Poll on Prejudices in the Palestinian Community For Palestinians in Palestine (Gaza, West Bank, East Jerusalem, 1948 Palestinians)
Introduction to Survey:
Associates in Building Capacity (ABC Consulting) has been contracted to undertake a poll about prejudices among people living in all areas of Palestine in contribution to the EU-funded project: “Promoting Governance and Citizenship in Palestine” led by AFRAT, the Palestinian Centre for Rapprochement between People, University of Bethlehem/the Institute for Community Partnership and Tetraktys.
Your participation in this study is entirely voluntary and your answers will be kept anonymous. Your choice to participate will not have any effect on your current or future relationship with any of the parties involved in this study. The questionnaire is expected to take approximately 10 minutes.

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1. Sex?
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2. Age?
3. Place of residence?
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4. Religion?
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5. Approximately what is your household’s monthly income in NIS?
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6. Number of people that live in your household?
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7. Education level
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8. Profession?
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9. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement: “Visiting Palestinian historical/religious sites is not important to me or my family."
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10. Is there a Palestinian religious or heritage site that you have wanted to visit but could not?
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11. Why were you unable to visit this site?
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Instructions: Consider the following hypothetical situations and rate your level of comfort with each based on the scale provided. Remember that these situations are hypothetical, so you can imagine yourself in each situation, even if it does not represent your current situation. [The order of the following situations has been scrambled in the final Arabic version of the survey]
Very uncomfortable
Very comfortable
A friend wants to marry a person from Jerusalem or ’48.
You’re put in charge of managing your company’s branch in Gaza.
Your son wants to marry a person from the West Bank.
People from Jerusalem or ’48 visit your town for tourism.
A friend or relative wants to marry a person from the Gaza Strip.
Field trips are scheduled for people from the West Bank in your town.
Your new boss is a German of Palestinian origin.
Your daughter wants to marry someone from a refugee camp.
Your work places you temporarily in a Bedouin community.
You get invited to a wedding in a village.
Your son’s teacher is of Bedouin origin.
A person from a refugee camp is hired at your work.
You get in a cab and the driver is a woman.
You see a little boy playing with a princess Barbie.
You see a business man applying lotion or lip balm.
Your boss at a new job is a woman.
Your son’s wife earns a higher salary than your son.
Your daughter wants to move to a different town for work and live there alone.
You get invited to the wedding of a couple that is a different religion than yours.
Parts of your town are decorated around Christmas time.
Your new job has weekends on Fridays and Sundays.
You get a job at an organization/company where most of the staff members are a different religion than yours.
A Samaritan person is hired at your work or is in one of your classes at university.
You visit a holy site of your religion and people of another religion are also visiting.
Your brother wants to marry a Christian girl.
Your brother wants to marry a Muslim girl.
One of your friends tells you that he/she does not believe in God.
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