2020 CT FBLA State Fall Leadership Conference Survey
Thank you for joining us at our first virtual fall leadership conference. Please take some time to review the recorded sessions including the live webinar from Saturday November 7th. You can find these on our YouTube Channel.
We welcome you to take the survey below and share your thoughts on the pre-recorded workshops, live event and overall flow of our conference!

The deadline to submit this survey is November 28th. We will choose 10 winners from this survey on November 29th.
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Did you watch the live webinar on Saturday November 7th? Or did you watch the recorded Webinar of the Event? *
How informative was Dean Mulready's one on one session with Celia Lofink? *
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How informative was the Q&A session with the School of Business Students, Dean Mulready and Celia Lofink? *
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How informative was Mark Boxer's information Session? *
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Which pre-recorded University of Hartford workshop session was the most helpful? *
Which pre-recorded State Officer workshop session was the most helpful? *
What was one take away from this year's Virtual Conference? *
Do you have any suggestions on how we can do better if we were to have a Virtual Fall Conference next year? *
Are you hoping to participate in the Spring 2021 Conference? *
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