Team Assignment Quiz
Are you an emerald dragon? A silver unicorn? Or perhaps you're the superior, majestic, incredible golden phoenix? Find out with our very scientific, data-driven test!

(guess which team this completely unbiased and objective quiz was made by!)

1) Which is the Superior Chris? *
2) Choose a Musical: *
3) Where do you go to write your novel? *
4) Why? *
5) Choose one: *
6) What’s your preferred novelling beverage? *
7) Choose a baby animal: *
8) If a train leaves Detroit at 8:45am at 54 km/h west, and tickets cost $1.66/lb/km for each person plus up to three suitcases, and the track is a circle with a radius of 95km, and the write-in starts at 3:00pm, how many mochas can you buy with three coupons and seven ounces of pure gold? *
9) What’s your favorite Nano Event? *
10) Choose a reality show to compete in: *
11) Choose a Halloween costume: *
12) What’s your favorite genre for Nano? *
13) Choose a blue: *
14. While having a writing marathon, Minion Beth absentmindedly eats through 7 identical bags of gummy worms. She looks up the 'nutritional information' on the bag, and notices that each bag of gummy worms contains 6 servings, and each serving has a whole number of calories. Given this, Beth calculated that she consumed just under 1000 calories. What is the maximum possible number of calories that Beth could have consumed from these bags of gummy worms? *
15) What do you call the house that is across the street and one over from yours? *
16) Yay, you won nano! Choose a celebratory meal: *
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Last year's word count (if this is your first year, just put "none"): *
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Is there ONE person you just HAVE to be on a team with? (Name and Nano name) *
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