Kindergarten Parent Survey
Welcome to Kindergarten at Corron Elementary School!
The purpose of the survey is to get to know your little one. Please take a few minutes to fill out the survey.
What is your name?
What email address(es) would you like us to use to contact you?
What is your child's full name? *
Just first and last.
By what name should we call your child? *
What is your child's birthdate? *
Does your child have any siblings? *
Is your child the... *
Did your child attend preschool? *
If your child did attend preschool, when and where did they attend?
Name of school, days of the week, at what age(s)
Please share any recommendations your child's preschool teachers have made to you regarding your child.
Does your child... *
Please check all that apply. The questions that follow will go into more detail.
Can your child recognize and/or name colors? *
Does not know color names yet.
Recognize and name colors.
Can your child count? *
Beginning to count; skips numbers.
Can count fluently to 30 or more.
Can your child recognize numbers? *
Does not know the difference between numbers and letters yet.
Can recognize and write numbers correctly to 30.
Can your child recognize his/her name? *
Can not recognize his/her name.
Can recognize and write name correctly and independently.
Can your child recognize and name letters? *
Can not recognize letters or sounds.
Can recognize all letters and letter sounds.
Can your child write? *
Mostly scribbles or drawings.
Can independently write sentences or stories.
Do you anticipate separation anxiety from your child as they enter Kindergarten? *
Does your child have significant health issues, allergies, fears or extenuating family circumstances? *
If your child is involved in activities outside of school, please list them below. *
Examples can be summer school, karate, gymnastics, etc. If they are not in other activities write, "none."
Please list your child's strengths and weaknesses. *
Socially, emotionally, physically, and academically.
Would your child benefit from being separated from any peers? If so, please provide first and last name(s). *
Please know that we will do our best to honor your wishes, but because of some circumstances this can not always occur.
What else would you like us to know about your child? *
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