FSD-210 Public Service Honor Roll
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1. County: *
What is your county of residence?
2. District Number: *
What Tennessee ARES district is your county located in?
3. Month: *
4. Year: *
T5. Call Sign: *
6. Public Service Net *
Participation in a public Service net - 1 point; maximum 40
7. Handling Formal Messages: *
Handling formal messages (radiograms) via any mode - 1 point/message handled; maximum 40
8. ARRL Volunteer Position: *
Serving in an ARRL-sponsored volunteer position: ARRL Field Organization appointee or Section Manager, NTS Net Manager, TCC Director, TCC member, NTS official or appointee above the Section level – 10 points for each position; maximum 30.
9. Public Service Events: *
Participation in scheduled, short-term public service events such as walk-athons, bike-a-thons, parades, simulated emergency tests and related practice events. This includes off-the-air meetings and coordination efforts with related emergency groups and served agencies - 5 points/hour or any portion thereof) of time spent in either coordination and/or operating in the public service event; no time limit.
10. Unplanned Emergency Response: *
Participation in an unplanned emergency response when the Amateur Radio operator is on the scene. This also includes unplanned incident requests by public or served agencies for Amateur Radio participation – 5 points per hour (or any portion thereof) of time spent directly involved in the emergency operation; no limit.
11. Digital System: *
 Providing and maintaining (a) an automated digital system that handles ARRL radiogramformatted messages; (b) a Web page or e-mail list server oriented toward Amateur Radio public service – 10 points per item.
12. Total Points: *
Monthly qualifying total: 70 points
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