YV Student Application 2023/2024
THANK YOU for wanting to join in on this journey with me & Youth Volume, dear musical changemakers! You're already making the world a better place just by being you.

The purpose of this application is to gather info about your fam so I can make our prospective partnership work well. 

If you have not already spoken with me, please email or text to give me a heads up that you are sending in this app.

Feel free to send questions by email or text: 906 201 0915 + clara@youthvolume.org. There is also space for extra comments and questions at the bottom of this form.

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1st Student Name *
1st Student Birthday *
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2nd Student Birthday
2nd Student Name
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How did you find out about Youth Volume? *
Please list WEEKDAYS & TIMES between 1 and 6p that you are available for a weekly 30-45 minute private lesson. 

[Beginners rec'v 30-min lessons. Youth in Book 1 who are working on Etude and beyond will have 45-min lessons. This is when we start adding scales to our lessons and the songs get longer and more difficult.]
Is there a string program offered at your child's school? *
What is the name of your child's school? *
When you ask your child if they are able to commit to the following (Suzuki learning methods), do they say "YES!"? 

1) Play everyday.
2) Go to weekly lessons Sept-June + group class 2 Saturday mornings per month.
3) Listening to your songs everyday (audio or YouTube playlist).
Are you as the "home practice partner" able to commit to the following?

1) Taking notes during weekly lessons. 
2) Daily facilitation of 15-60 minutes of practice (based on your child's age + focus level) & music-listening with your child at home, 
3) Great attendance at weekly lessons & group class --> No more than three missed lessons per semester (September-November, December-February, March-June).
I have read about & understand YV policies & tuition rates in the YV Handbook: 

- Detroit YV Handbook: https://rb.gy/ov5ob
- Marquette YV Handbook: https://rb.gy/udi66
Are you requesting a scholarship? *
If you are requesting a scholarship, does your child qualify for free/reduced lunch? *
If you would like to receive SOME financial aid but not a full scholarship, how much could you contribute toward your child's lessons each month?
Would you like to support another child to take lesson with YV for a scholarship donation of $2,124*?

*Signing up for a monthly, quarterly, or annual donation is a great option at detroityouthvolume.org/donate.html
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Is your child allergic to peanuts or anything else? Or do either of you require a scent-free space etc.? 
I grant Youth Volume permission to use my family's photos, video, or other digital media in any and all of its publications, including web-based publications, without payment or other consideration.
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Is there anything else you want me to know?
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