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We grow completely organic, chemical-free vegetables and deliver them to your doorstep after the harvest, straight from the farm. Our aim is to provide chemical-free, naturally grown produce which is high on nutritional value, delivered directly to your without being kept in any kind of cold storage.
We are currently delivering across Gurgaon and Delhi. These vegetables/fruits are from at our farms: Sohna, Pataudi, Nalahgarh(HP), Mukhteswar(starting soon) and other organic partner farm(certified and trusted).
We do deliveries right after our harvest reaches Gurgaon, thus, the delivery timings are subject to the harvest so please bear with us.

Minimum order
For Gurgaon: Rs 400/-
For South Delhi & Dwarka: Rs 500/-
For West Delhi: Rs 800/-
For North Delhi: Rs 1000/-
For East Delhi: Rs 1000/-

(order below Rs 400 would have an additional delivery charge of Rs 80/-)

Please provide your order details below.

You can also contact us or Whatsapp us at 9818 9233 43 for any queries.
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500 gms
1 kg
2 kg
3 kg
5 kg
Onions 70/kg
Potatoes 60/kg
Tomatoes 80/kg
Tomatoes (hybrid) 80/kg
Baby onion 60/kg
Staple offer
1 kg each (Rs 195)
2 kg each (Rs 380)
Locally produced
250 gms
500 gms
1 kg
2 kg
Brinjal-Bartha 90/kg
Small Brinjal 90/kg
Cucumbers 100/kg
Seedless cucumber 70/500 gms
Green pumpkin 100/kg
Palak 100/kg
Lauki 80/kg
Beetroot 100/kg
Bhindi 140/kg
Karela 140/kg
Orange carrots 120/kg
Kundru 120/kg
Capsicum 70/500 gms
Organic Mushrooms (available now)
200 gms
Button Mushroom (99/200 gms)
White Oyster Mushroom (160/200 gm)
250 gms
500 gms
1 kg
Red bell peppers (125/250gms)
Yellow bell peppers (125/250gms)
Mixed bell peppers (125//250gms)
Green Zucchini (75/250gms)
Yellow Zucchini (75/250gms)
Asparagus (140/100gms)
100 gms
250 gms
500 gms
Green Lettuce Rs. 45/100 gm
Red Lettuce Rs. 45/100 gm
Baby Spinach Rs. 75/250 gm
Salad greens mix 100/200 gm
Cherry tomatoes 45/100 gm
Spring Onion 140/kg
Kale 150/250 gm
Swiss Chards 100/250 gm
Fresh Condiments
100 gms
250 gms
500 gms
Lemons (50/250 gms)
Garlic (75/250 gms)
Ginger (75/250 gms)
Dhaniya (25/100 gms)
Green chillies (10/50 gms)
Peeled Garlic Pods (200/250 gms)
Pudina (15/100 gms)
Kacchi Haldi/Raw Turmeric (50/250 gms)
Raw mango 160/kg
Alphonso Mango | pre-order (Ratnagiri) Arrival on 7th to 9th May
Captionless Image
6 pc
12 pc
24pcs (box)
Large size 220-250 gm per pc (900/6 pc, 1600/dz, 3100/24pc)
Fruits (option to select per piece later)
500 gms
1 kg
2 kg
3 kg
5 kg
Elaichi Banana (150/dz)
Anar 250/kg
Mausambi 130/kg (550/5kg)
Chikkoo 180/kg
Fruits (per piece)
1 pc
2 pcs
3 pcs
4 pcs
Papaya (150/kg)
Raw Papaya 80/pc (600-750gms)
Kodai Avocado 150/250 gm (from Kerela)
Watermelon 90/kg
Melon/Kharbuja 145/pc
Bael Pathar 100/kg
Organic Chips
1 pack
2 pack
3 pack
4 pack
Plain Salted Banana Chips (150/175 gm net weight)
Banana Chips (spicy masala) (150/175 net weight)
Potato Chips Salted (120/125 gm) net weight
Organic Breads & bakes
Captionless Image
Wholewheat Honey Oats Rs. 120/190
Ragi Wheat Rs. 120/190
Gluten Free (Full) Rs. 250/-
Vegan Sourdough Olive Rosemary (Full) Rs 250/-
Vegan Sourdough Wholewheat (Full) Rs 250/-
Healthy Snacks
250 gm
500 gm
1 kg
Jaggery Peanut Chikki with seeds 175/250 gm
Chiwda Namkeen 150/250 gm
Organic cold-pressed juices
300 ml
500 ml
1 lt
All Seasonal Fruits 110/300 ml 180/500 ml
Cucumber+mint 110/500 ml 180/500 ml
Apple+Sweetlime 110/500 ml 180/500 ml
Apple juice 130/ml 190/500ml
Carrot+Beets+Ginger 130/300 ml 210/500 ml
Carrot beetroot apple 130/300ml 210/500ml
Apple Pomegranate 130/300ml 210/500 ml
Watermelon Mint 110/300ml 180/500ml
Mixed Veggies Juice 130/500 ml
Healthy veggies juice 100/300ml 170/500ml
Organic cookies and more
1 pack
2 packs
4 packs
Vanilla Choco Cookies(250gms) Rs.220
Almond Atta Jaggery Cookies (250gms) Rs. 220
Gluten-free Oatmeal honey lactose free 300/250 gm
Gluten-free Millet honey Cookie- 300/250 gm
Masala Lavaash Gluten-free (150gms) Rs.110
Sesame Bread Sticks(150gms) Rs.95
Sunday Fresh Dairy Products (only on pre-order)
Captionless Image
250 gm
500 gm
1 kg
100 gm (White button only)
White Butter 200/100gm
Paneer 165/250gm
Herb teas (seep & sip)
150/30 gms
280/60 gms
Immunity Boosters
1 Bottle
2 Bottle
3 Bottle
Amla Ginger Haldi Tonic 200/- for 250 ml
Chavanprash (made of organic Amla and shakkar) 495/- for 250 gms
Triphala powder Rs 90/- per 50 gms
Seeds mix 120/70 gms
Amla Murabba Rs 275/350gms
Dry fruits
250 gms
500 gms
Walnut kernels (550/250 gms)
Kagzi Badam Giri (550/250 gms)
Badam Gurbandi/Afghan almonds (450/250 gms)
Raisins (250/250 gms)
Figs (550/250 gms)
Dry Apricot (500/250 gms)
Cashew (500/250 gms) (out of stock)
Raw Peanuts (120/500gms)
Makkana (400/250gm)
Organic pastes (hand-made/chemical-free)
Subscription: Book Now and get 4 deliveries in the next 6 months. Delivered when required by you  
Captionless Image
Organic sweeteners (hand-made/chemical-free)
Subscription: Black mustard oil | delivery on-demand, simply message us to get your subscription delivery
Captionless Image
Oils and Ghee
Pickles (no preservatives)
Subscription: Book Now and get delivery in the next 3 months at amazing discounts. Delivered when required by you  
Captionless Image
Organic Attas/Daliya
500 gms
1 kg
2 kg
5 kg
Gehun/Wheat atta (sharbati) 90/kg
Wheat Daliya 60/- per 500 gms
Bajra daliya 180/kg
Sprouted wheat atta 150/kg
Chana besan 240/kg
Moong dal aata 260/kg
Khapli/emmerwheat 160/kg
Chana atta 240/kg
Suji 120/kg
Bajra atta 100/kg
Maida 130/kg
Makkai atta 130/kg
Ragi Atta 100/kg (out of stock)
Channa Sattu 180/500 gm
Organic Rice
500 gms
1 kg
2 kg
Sona Masuri (130/- per kg) (out of stock)
Khichdi mix (200/- per kg)
Miniket rice (best for kheer) (125/- per kg)
Himachali small rice Rs 200/kg
Basmati rice long-grain (220/- per kg) 1000/5 kg
Basmati Brown Rs 280/kg
Red Rice 135/- per kg
Tarawadi Basmati White Rs 300/kg (among the top varieties in the world)
Organic Rice flour
500 gms
1 kg
2 kg
White Rice flour 75/- per 500 gms
500 gms
1 kg
2 kg
White rice poha 90/- per 500 gm
500 gms
1 kg
2 kg
Moong Saboot (200/kg)
Moong dhuli (220 per kg)
Channa Dal (200/kg)
Kala channa (180/kg)
Toor/Arhar (275/kg)
Masoor Dhuli (220/kg)
Kabuli channa (280/kg)
Jammu rajmah (340/kg) (out of stock)
Chitra rajmah (290/kg)
Urad sabut (240/kg)
Urad Dhuli 220/kg
Organic Spices (whole)
Organic Spices (powder)
From Mukteshwar
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