Nomination Form: Green Belt Projects and Candidates
The Green Belt program at the University of Notre Dame is the main vehicle for delivering process improvement results. Project leaders from campus departments participate in Green Belt training and, with coaching support from the Office of Continuous Improvement and strong project sponsorship, lead teams to deliver improvements to key processes.
Guidelines for a Green Belt Project:
* The process is aligned with a key University, divisional, or departmental strategic objective.
* There is an existing process and it has a "pain" (i.e., there are identifiable problems with the current process, such as less-than-desired constituent satisfaction, lengthy cycle times, excessive time required, too many defects).
* The project can reasonably be completed within 6 months.
* Measurable indicators of success are identifiable.
* Data related to the process is accessible.
* The solution to the problem(s) is unknown. (Note: If the solution is known, this should be an implementation project).
* The unit is able to commit resources to work on this project.

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