Exit readiness assessment tool
10 minutes to know if you are ready, almost ready or not ready at all
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Everyone in the team knows the reasons why you want to exit
Your team includes
You know who is in the buyer's team
You have pre-identified potential C-Level ad-interim executives
You have compared the different types of exit and know which ones are best for you and for your team
You are clear with the risks and liabilities of an exit transaction
Your personal fiscal circumstances have been taken into account in the type of transaction
You have "rolled your own" and have done your own valuation of your company
You have aligned the time horizon of all stakeholders involved
There is a project and execution plan for the post acquisition phase and you know who will stay
The buyer's intentions are credible and have been confirmed by different reliable sources.
You have consulted a sufficient number of potential buyers about the opportunity, from a qualified list of relevant investors
You have had a growth plan and an exit plan for a long time
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