SWDE 2021 Proposal Submission
The Social Work Distance Education (SWDE) Committee invites proposals for the 7th Annual Social Work Distance Education Conference in San Antonio, Texas on April 14-16, 2021. In addition to transitioning all requested presentations selected for the 2020 conference, the committee is seeking proposals for two specialty focuses that have been added for the 2021 conference: (1) The 2020 Pandemic Experience and (2) Deconstructing Racism.

With these additional tracks, we are seeking to explore how the 2020 pandemic and ethical responsibility of deconstructing racism impacts all aspects of social work distance learning within the context of the transitioned theme of Removing Barriers and Expanding Borders Through Social Work Distance Education. The conference will concentrate on best pedagogical approaches at all levels of the social work curriculum including micro, macro, research, policy and global social work, and best pedagogical strategies that include interdisciplinary and collaborative frameworks.
Proposal Guidelines
1. Proposals submitted should relate to one of the two specialty focuses that have been added for the 2021 conference:
(a) The 2020 Pandemic Experience
(b) Deconstructing Racism

2. Proposals should relate to social work distance education. This may include schools and programs offering “completely online” distance degree programs, or programs that are “hybrid/blended” that include both online and live interaction.

2. No more than one (1) proposal can be submitted from the same primary author.

3. All proposals are blind peer reviewed.

4. Accepted proposals may require additional information and materials prior to presentation.

5. NOTE: Only basic “hotel grade” internet service is available for onsite presentations.
Proposal Formats
There are two (2) Track Categories available and five (5) Session Format options available.

You must choose only one Track Category and one Session Format.

The Planning Committee will make every effort to honor preferred categories and formats, however may request adaptions when necessary to ensure the most streamlined conference flow.
Track Category
Two (2) possible track categories are available. You must choose only one track category.

This category is for those proposals that specifically relate to responsive actions and research in response to the Pandemic experience. Topics may include innovative curriculum and delivery system adaptions, university response overall such as addressing impact on administrative functions, Staff/Faculty/Student support and wellness, and addressing barriers originating or augmented by the pandemic response.

This category is for proposals that specifically relate to responsive actions, research, and delivery system adaptions focused on dismantling racism within universal platforms, policy and administration, fostering cultural humility, and curriculum enrichment within social work distance education.
Session Format
Five (5) possible session formats are available. You must choose only one session format.

1. ELECTRONIC POSTER (e-Poster) PRESENTATION - (45 minutes - up to 4 presenters)
SWDE uses only an e-Poster format. This format encourages lively discussion between the presenter and viewers of the material, and often focuses on a study, survey, or similar research method and its outcomes. Presenters must bring their own flash drive and laptop to upload the poster. A large format monitor will be provided to connect to the laptop to display e-Poster presentation.

2. INTERACTIVE WORKSHOP (45 minutes - CEU available)
Hands-on learning or interactive experience that emphasizes a dynamic instructor-participant dialogue in achieving the session's learning objectives.

3. ORAL PRESENTATION (45 minutes - CEU available)
Traditional-style 35 minute presentation followed by a 10 minute Q&A period.

4. PANEL PRESENTATION (45 minutes - CEU available - up to 5 presenters)
Panel-style presentation on a particular subject. The primary presenter is responsible for organizing and coordinating the panel presenters and presentation, submitting the proposal, introducing the topic and panel members, ensuring that members stick to the topic and timetable, and guiding discussion.

5. VIRTUAL PRESENTATION (45 minutes - CEU available)
***** (NOTE: The Virtual Track will have a limited number of sessions) *****
Presentations will be streamed to a live and online audience and will allow for interaction with the audience members via video conferencing. Presentations should be 35 minutes followed by a 10 minute Q&A period.
Proposal Evaluation Areas

• Relevance of topic or study to distance education
• Clarity of the written proposal and focus of inquiry
• Appropriateness of research method(s) and/or conceptual foundation
• Robustness of analytical and/or theoretical frame
• Significance for social work education or practice regarding distance education

NOTE: Incomplete Proposal Submissions will not be reviewed - ensure all required information is submitted
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