Breath Experience R.S.V.P.
One of Science's Most Powerful Healing Modalities in the Privacy of Your Own Home!

Wednesday June 17th, 3:30pm PST
(**Recorded Options Available**)

Ancient Eastern Pranayama (Breath & Energy Expansion) Methods and South American Shamanism are utilized to kindle the process of awakening of conscious awareness. The combination of gentle, humor-based guidance, sound therapy and refined ritual create the opportunity for opening in the majority of attendees to completely new, fresh mindsets, reframing the way one responds to daily challenges and physical discomfort.

Session will include:

-Inspirational and evidence based teachings relevant to well-being during times of global and personal transition
-Detailed instructions and tutorial of one accessible Pranayama practice for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefit
-Guided, active Pranayama meditation practiced laying down
-Supplemental live music and sound healing techniques
-Extended resting period for restoration and integration

Open to individuals of all levels and belief systems, no experience required.

Facilitated by: Michael Brian Baker, founder of The Breath Center
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