Asking for and Getting a Pay Raise
I've been getting a lot of questions about this topic and would like to understand better how I can help you with this. I appreciate your answers!

Please note that all answers will be TOTALLY CONFIDENTIAL!
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How satisfied are you with the level of pay that you receive at your current job *
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What is your biggest challenge about asking for and getting a pay raise at work? *
Please be as specific as possible. So instead of writing "my boss" please write something like "my boss is so bad at communicating, I cannot even talk to him about anything serious because he always cuts me off"
Have you in the past been unsuccessful in asking for and getting a pay raise or promotion that you wanted? *
If yes, why? What happened?
Which questions do you have about the topic of "asking for and getting a pay raise or promotion"? *
Are you... *
What's your age? *
Thank you
Lastly, I may follow up with a few people personally to learn more about your situation. If you would be open to chatting for a few minutes (I PROMISE not to try to sell you anything) please leave your name and email. Also, in that case, if I write about the issues that are dearest to your heart, I could point you to that. Thanks so much!
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