FRED Energy feedback & questionaire
Please complete the anonymous form to provide us with valuable feedback on our project which will help us to make more informed and better decisions, thanks from all the Team!
Please rate our projects. Which project do you think has the best prospects ? (Selecting 5 means the best prospects) *
Project Accelerate (Promoting electric Tuk-tuks)
Project Energise (Entering the EV charging market)
Marketplace (Our online shop selling green energy products)
Funding Research into Energy Devices (FRED, working with inventors to bring products to market)
In your opinion, are there any red flags? is there something that you think makes our project look like a scam in any way? *
How do you rate your experience of using the Stellar network and wallets for our token? (10 highest) *
Do you think our change to a Stellar token was a better choice than being an Ethereum token? *
If you answered "No" to the above, Why do you think the change to a Stellar based token was a bad choice?
If you answered "Yes" to the above, Why do you think the change to a Stellar based token was a good choice?
Have you read our whitepaper? *
If you have read our whitepaper, do you think it could be made better and what would you change or add?
Rate which area you think we need to do more or improve (5 = more) *
Marketing (Social media, Articles etc)
Community engagement
Which is your favourite exchange? *
How do you normally access exchanges? *
Gender *
Which would you class yourself as *
What is your level of experience in blockchain and cryptocurrency? *
How did you find our project, what brought you to FRED Energy? (facebook, telegram, article, airdrop, bounty) *
Generally speaking, why are you interested in FRED Energy? *
Any other comments, suggestions, website links that you think could help the project
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