Pre-field trip assessment for Sustainable Seas - essential for New Zealand's health and wealth.
Students, fill out this form before the LEARNZ "Sustainable Seas" field trip. Your ideas and ideas from other students will be shared with your teacher.
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All students from your class should use the same code that your teacher makes up for you eg school initial + class eg MISRoom5.
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I already know these things about the Seas and oceans around NZ *
Anything you know about the sea and oceans around New Zealand.
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Find out from another student what they know about the seas and oceans and New Zealand's connection with them.
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What I would like to know more about ... *
For NZ's seas and oceans, what more would you like to know?
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To do this, I will need to ...
How will you find out more about NZ's seas and oceans, for the things YOU want to know?
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