‘Catch Up’ Questionnaire for School Based Apprentices and Trainees (SBATs)
It is anticipated that a student's school based apprenticeship or traineeship will usually progress smoothly. However, this may not always be the case and therefore the following questions need to be asked of each student to ensure their safety and well being.

The form should be completed initially during the first four weeks of the school based apprenticeship or traineeship and subsequently once each term.

This ‘catch up’ session should be done by the school and complements the monitoring activities undertaken by Training Services NSW.
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Employer Organisation *
Number of days on the job completed. *
Has contact been made with the employer recently? (email, phone or personal visit) *
Date contact made:
Contact SBAT Coordinator if there are difficulties making contact with the employer.
Feedback received from the employer:
Negative: Student is struggling
Positive: Student is working well and there are no concerns
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Is follow up required?
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Additional detail from student:
Do you feel safe at the workplace all the time? *
Please detail if no:
Are you being paid on time, the correct amount and with pay slip/payment summary issued? *
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