Active Transportation in Whitehall Survey
The Whitehall Parks & Recreation Department is working to improve park access, specifically through encouraging active transportation (walking, biking, etc.) in the community. Your feedback will help us identify potential next steps. All responses will be kept anonymous.
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We are working to advance equity in our park systems, andensuring mobility by prioritizing improvements for low-income communities, people with disabilities, and communities of color. Please share any demographic that might apply to you. (Check all that apply) *
Which community parks do you visit and how often?
Whitehall Community Park
John Bishop Memorial Park
Lamby Lane Park
Robinwood Park
The Kelley Green
Norton Field Park
A few times a year
1 - 2 times a week
3 or more times each week
Every day
Why do you visit these parks (check all that apply)?
If you don't visit any of the parks mentioned above, why not (check all that apply)?
Do you feel safe when using the parks?
Not being Safe at all
Very Safe
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How do you access the parks in Whitehall?
Have you heard about the Rapid 5 project which aims to connect all of Central Ohio waterways and trails?
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Do you ride a bicycle in the community?
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If yes, do you feel safe when riding a bicycle along the streets?
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Which route do you normally use when riding on the street (check all that apply)?
How likely are you to ride a bike to work if there were safe routes and designated bike lanes?
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On a scale of 1 - 5, please rate your level of satisfaction with the following...
The quality of parks in your neighborhood.
The number of parks in your neighborhood.
The maintenance of the streets and sidewalks around the parks in your neighborhood.
1 - Extremely dissatisfied
2 - Dissatisfied
3 - Neither dissatisfied or satisfied
4 - Satisfied
5 - Extremely Satisfied
Please explain your answer.
On a scale of 1 - 5, how strongly do you disagree or agree with the following?
My neighborhood has a safe environment.
My neighborhood is clean.
I have adequate access to the parks in my neighborhood.
The future of my neighborhood is promising.
1 - Strongly disagree
2 - Disagree
3 - Neither disagree or agree
4 - Agree
5 - Strongly agree
What changes would greatly improve access to the community parks?
May we follow up with you with any additional questions or with future engagement opportunities? If so, please include your name and email or phone number in the following box.
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