Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to take part in this program.
This is a questionnaire for the participants and your answers will serve as a valuable reference for hosting future programs.
Please check the answer you find to be most appropriate.
1. Where did you obtain information on this program? *
2. Check your level of satisfaction with this program in the following areas *
Very High
Very low
information and pre-PR activities
performance and program details
operation and service
schedule (day, date and hour)
facilities and ambience
3. What is your overall level of satisfaction with this program? *
4. How would you rate this program in terms of helping you to learn more about Korea? *
5. How would you rate this program in terms of encouraging you to take more interest in Korea? *
6. Indicate the level that this program has contributed to improving ​awareness of Korea. *
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