Homeopathic 6C Remedies - Group Buy
Please fill out this form if you're interested in purchasing 6C homeopathic remedies through this group buy. I'm currently working with my ND to get the lowest prices possible. This sporadic group buy is being created due to a recent crack down from the FDA on homeopathic remedies. My mission and goal with this group buy is to get as many of the most used, most needed homeopathic remedies into the homes of as many people as possible at an affordable price.

Those who make a purchase through this group buy will also receive a 50% discount code to my (inexpensive) homeopathic online course that will teach you how to create hundreds of remedies using the 6C pellets. Passing these valuable remedies on from one generation to the next before the FDA pulls them off the shelves, is what this is about.

This group buy will include two different groups of homeopathic remedies - a smaller group of bottles that are great for first aid issues and a larger group that includes the first aid remedies but also includes bottles for acute and chronic illnesses.

I'll be in touch and will update everyone that fills out this form with more details asap.


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