New Charter Designs Artisan Interest Form
Please fill out this form if you are interested in designing a charter for the Kingdom of Ansteorra! 

Keep in mind that if you are assigned a charter to design, you will need to follow the size and text guidelines for the Kingdom of Ansteorra per the Scribal College and available on the kingdom's scribal website. A class will be taught virtually (and recorded) to be available with those guidelines as well. This will be a guided practice to avoid having to ask artisans to redraw/fix items at the end that could have been more easily fixed in process. So there will be regular communication between yourself and Star Signet during the process. 
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Email *
SCA Name(s) of all who would like to work together on a scroll. (If you already have a team. If you are working solo I only need one name.)  *
Mundane Name(s) of all who would like to work together on a scroll.  (If you already have a team. If you are working solo I only need one name.)  *
Best contact information for artisan(s) - email, social media etc... whichever is checked most often. *
Where are you from? (Local Group/Region) *
Are you working alone or with a team? *
What is your level of scribal experience/what projects and styles have you done? (Please include specific details including any particular time period or cultural areas that you have designed. Links to work samples can be submitted here as well. If you have photos that are not posted online, you can email them to . Our goal is to get as many artisans the opportunity to design for the kingdom as possible, and learn the design process. This information will allow us to place artisans to their best abilities.) *
Which scrolls that we are looking for new designs for are you interested in? (We will try and assign artisans to something they really want. If one item is very popular we may ask if you're willing to work on something that needs a design that still needs an artisan). *
Please describe what style you are interested in doing specifically/any thoughts you have on what you would like to do for your design. (Links to example texts on the internet from virtual libraries encouraged if available. If you have different ideas dependent on the award in question, provide specific thoughts for each of those). *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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