2020 ONE Elite Team Application


Thank you for your interest in the ONE Elite Team application! ONE Multisport wants to reward a handful of high caliber athletes for their hard work, passion for the sport and commitment to the TRI community. This is why we created the ONE Elite Team.

• The mission of the ONE Elite Team program is to give some of the fastest triathletes in the Valley of the Sun the opportunity to train and race together as a team. By doing so, we provide these athletes with the support and resources necessary to reach the highest levels of competition.
• Leading by example, these athletes foster competitive drive throughout the club and TRI community and inspire others to follow in their footsteps.
• ONE Multisport Elite Team athletes are expected to attain relations as an ambassador of the ONE Multisport organization.
• Most importantly, as a ONE Elite Team athlete, you are expected to enjoy the sport of triathlon and have a blast and go fast!

This is an elite level Team and we expect athletes to consistently place at the top of their Age Group AND overall categories and race competitively on all levels (local, national, and global).

• Have to be an outstanding ONE member by November 15, 2019
• USAT Member in good standing with a 2019 Ranking of All-American or Honorable Mention.
• Willingness to help assist with sponsor clinics
• Participate in 3 races including a 70.3 or 140.6 during the 2020 season
• Race in ONE gear, when on the podium wear provided shirt, wear ONE provided apparel at tri related events
• Complete your 2020 ONE Elite Team Application submission no later than November 15, 2019

As ONE Multisport is our largest supporter, we expect the Team members to give back to the Club in appreciation of that support. The Club has a plethora of ways that Elite members can give back, one of which is through animating clinics or leading group rides, etc.

The Elite Team has various sponsor obligations and as an Ambassador to the sport, ONE Elite members need a social media presence (Facebook, Instagram, etc.). The sponsors and the club give the Team members benefits so we, in turn, must show them a return on their investment as best as we can. This typically entails at least ONE social media post per month.

• The camaraderie of being with a bunch of like-minded, elite-level athletes with the goal to win Age Groups, divisions, and races!
• We always support each other, challenge each other, and train together whenever we can.
• From the Club, you will receive various training and racing gear as well as reimbursement of specific IM races (specified in contract). From sponsors, you may receive various benefits.

We look forward to seeing your 2020 application.
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