2020 Africa Momentum - Ambassador Application
Wow! Thank you for being a person who understands the MOST important type of leadership - servant leadership.

You are already appreciated by WorldVentures executives and fellow reps.

You will receive an email a few weeks prior to the event letting you know if you have been accepted, are ineligible or have been put on a wait-list. Qualifying applicants will be accepted in the order in which they applied (a "first come, first serve" basis.)

*****Please understand, if you HAVE NOT attended a Major Event once before, or CAN NOT attend the Thursday training ON TIME (1pm), your application will be denied. (RTE's DO NOT count as a Major Event.)

Who are Ambassadors?

Exhibiting Excellence, Bringing Joy, and Supporting Prosperity.

For those WV reps who want to be the "Leaders amongst leaders.”

Individuals who help run WorldVentures live events and are willing to do whatever it takes.

Those who truly embody the culture of WorldVentures.

Those who have a true desire to help consistently raise the standard for the WorldVentures event experience.

You want to support all facets of production for this event and are okay to miss pieces of regular training.


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