ECU Reunion 2023 Registration
This form is to assist with the arrangement of transportation and accommodation towards the 2023 ECU Reunion. Kindly fill all sections correctly.
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We appreciate your freewill donation towards the 2023 reunion. Your financial contributions can be made to any of the accounts below:

Alumni Fellowship of the ECU Ife
Naira account - GTBank 0019590511
USD account - GTBank 0019590542
GBP account - GTBank 0019590566
Euro account - GTBank 0019590580
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If attending physically, please state which location will you be coming from, for the reunion (e.g. Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria)
How many children will be coming with you? *
Transportation mode to the reunion
If you will be driving yourself, do you mind accommodating other brethren? *
If yes (driving), how many brethren can you accommodate in your car?
Will you require transportation to be organized by the fellowship from your hotel to the empowerment center?
Do you have an accommodation arrangement already? *
Do you want us to organise an accommodation for you ahead of your arrival? *
If you need us to book an accommodation for you, please state the maximum price that you are willing to pay per night? *
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How many occupants (adults) will you be having in the booked room (Including yourself)? *
How many occupants (children) will you be having in the booked room?
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