Non-Release of Directory Information, Yinghua 2019-2020
Federal and state law require Yinghua Academy to notify parents/guardians and students that certain information from
student records may be released and made public without written consent of the parents/guardians or students. This
information is called “directory information.”

As the parent/guardian of a Yinghua student, you have the right under federal and state law to direct Yinghua Academy not to release your directory information, which includes, as defined by Yinghua Academy Policy 515, the student’s
name, address, telephone listing, grade level, and classroom. It also includes the name, address, email address, and
telephone number of the student’s parent(s)/guardian(s). Because directory information is public, it also may be
requested by third parties. Use of the Student & Family Directory for personal or commercial gain is strongly discouraged.

If you do not want directory information released for other than internal school use, you must complete and submit this non-release form to Yinghua Academy. This refusal to release directory information must be received by Yinghua Academy by August 15 preceding the upcoming school year, or within 30 days of the student’s enrollment at Yinghua Academy. Your non-release will remain in effect for the remainder for the school year in which the non-release request is made. A new request for directory information not to be released must be completed each year.

Further information: Each year, Yinghua Academy, with the assistance of the Yinghua Academy Community Association (YACA), publishes a YACA membership directory of Yinghua students, parents and guardians for the use of our school’s families, teachers and staff—it is called the Student & Family Directory. We publish the directory online only, and it will be available to Yinghua families and staff through the password-protected Infinite Campus Parent Portal. YACA organizes parent volunteer Classroom Coordinators who receive directory contact information in order to organize
social events for each class. If you are not listed in the online Student & Family Directory, Classroom Coordinators will not have your contact information.

To indicate that you do not want your child’s contact information included in the online directory, check the box below and
submit this form by August 15 or within 30 days of the student’s enrollment at Yinghua Academy.

If you have questions about this non-release, contact Mrs. Susan Berg, Yinghua Academy’s Executive Director, at 612-788-9095.

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I do not give permission for the release of directory information regarding my child(ren). By checking the box below and submitting this form to Yinghua Academy, I understand my information will not be included in the Student & Family Directory, and will not be made available for use by Yinghua Academy Classroom Coordinators.
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If you have further information to share regarding your directory preferences, explain below or contact by August 15, or 30 days after newly enrolling at Yinghua.
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