For Otis Sake Owner Surrender Form
If you have not found any solutions after researching and considering the information provided on our website, please complete this Owner Surrender Form. FOS is a 100% volunteer-based organization. We review each and every Owner Surrender application and will respond via email. It can take up to 5 days to hear from us.

It is important to mention that we many not be able to take your dog. If we are unable to take your dog, we will provide additional suggestions of assistance and an offer to post your dog as a courtesy on our Facebook page. Submission of the Owner Surrender Form does not in any way guarantee that FOS will take over ownership of your dog.

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Zip Code *
Preferred Phone Number *
Why do you need to surrender your dog? *
Please describe the actions you have taken so far to keep your dog with you and why those actions have not worked *
If your dog was a rescue dog, have you contacted the organization you adopted from to see if they can take the dog back? *
What is your dog's age? *
What is the breed of your dog? (if not 100% known, please provide your best guess) *
How long have you owned the dog? *
What is the name and contact information for your current veterinarian? *
Is your dog up-to-date on vaccinations and vetting? (Proof of vet care will be required prior to FOS accepting an Owner Surrendered dog) *
Does your dog have any medical conditions that require treatment? Have they had any conditions in the past that have already been treated? *
Is your dog spayed or neutered? If no, why not? *
What training has your dog received?
Is your dog friendly to people? Please select all that apply *
Is your dog friendly with other dogs? *
Does your dog get along with or mind cats? *
Does your dog have any behavioral issues? If yes, please describe. We will perform a behavioral assessment on any dog we consider for being surrendered. *
Does your dog have a human or dog bite history? If yes, please describe the circumstances behind the bite, the severity of the bite and how many bites have occurred. *
Does your dog show possessive behavior of food or toys? Please describe. If yes, does the behavior lead to a bite?
Is your dog housebroken?
Pictures and videos of your dog will help us with the assessment. Please upload them here.
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