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Hello! We are happy you are interested in learning more about our work at MISL! Please fill the form below to get the process started.

We put effort into accommodating all requests we receive when possible, but we have limited availability. Not all requests can be accommodated, and we appreciate your understanding if we cannot help you with yours.
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Group name or description
What is the organization, school, or other group you're coming from?
What are you hoping your group would get out of this event?
E.g. "We want to understand what your lab does and what kinds of paths people can take to get there."  "We want to show students what inter-disciplinary research looks like in your lab." "We want to inspire high school students to consider careers in STEM."
What are the desired date(s) for your group’s visit?
If your dates are flexible, please give us some broad info, e.g. "a Saturday in March"
What time(s) would work for you?
If your times are flexible, please give us some broad info, e.g. "morning after 8 am" or "afternoon before 4 pm"
How long are you hoping to spend with us?
For example: "We have one hour, and would like a 30 minute presentation with 30 minutes of discussion/questions".
What are the approximate age ranges of this group?
How many people would you expect to bring to this event?
What kind of science background does your group have (if any?)
For younger kids/schools, do they know what DNA is yet? No worries if not! This info just helps us for planning purposes.
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