Lady Warrior Future Star Basketball Camp
July 10-11, 2021
Event Address: 4863 Guthrie Cemetery Rd, Loganville, GA 30052
Contact us at (478) 461-4403 or

The Lady Warrior Basketball "Future Stars" camp will focus on the future players for our program. We want to develop players who want to be part of our program. We want high character kids who love the game of basketball and want to learn the basic skills of the game. We will teach our players the "Row the Boat" Culture and will teach them the skills and techniques that will prepare them to be in our program in the future.

Each Session will be $100
July 10-11, 2021
Saturday 9:00-12:00
Sunday 12:00-3:00


What you will receive:
Camp Basketball
Camp T-shirt
Lady Warrior Basketball Camp Notebook

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Walnut Grove Basketball Booster Club
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Future Stars Video
Anna Claire Tyre/ Bella DeLullo
Coach Kevin Furtado
Coach Kevin Furtado: Head Varsity Girls Basketball Coach Walnut Grove HS
Coach Kevin Furtado is a 30 year veteran basketball coach and Physical education teacher. He is in his 5th year at Lake Oconee Academy in Greensboro, GA. He has built LOA into one of the premiere girls basketball programs in the GHSA A public school classification. He started the program in 2016 in its first year of existence for the program. They gradually got better as they went from 3 wins in his first year to a 21 win season and to the 2nd round of the state tournament last season. This season we won our Region Championship and finished the season at 25-1, losing in the Elite 8. He started his coaching career in 1990 at Amelia Academy in Amelia, Virginia as Athletic Director, Head Girls and Boys Basketball coach and head softball coach. He has amassed over 460 career wins and 290 losses in both the GISA and GHSA school system leagues. His teams have been to 4 GISA final fours in girls basketball, 4 Region championships in GISA . He is known for his ability to take struggling programs and build them into competitive winning programs. In 1997, he took over a struggling LaGrange Academy Girls Basketball team who had 4 wins in the previous season, to a final 4 appearance in 1998 at Georgia college in Milledgeville, GA. He is very proud of his current assistant coach Chobi Young who played for him in 2012 at Georgia Military college in Milledgeville is now his current assistant coach. In addition, one of his former players Coach Julie Brooker is the current Girls softball coach at LOA. He feels that the impact he had on shaping the lives of his former players is more important than the wins. "Its how they think about you 20 years down the road is the true sign of your coaching" says Coach Furtado. He has also built one of the top Coaching instructional podcasts in Championship vision podcast where he has interviewed some of the best high school basketball coaches from around the country. In addition, he has produced basketball instructional videos and books that help coaches build a great foundation at their schools. His website has helped many coaches from around the country have resources available at their fingertips.
Coach Kevin Furtado/ Assistant Coach Chobi Young
Row the Boat Culture
What is the "Row The Boat" Culture
“It’s a never-give-up mantra that has to do strictly with life or adversity or handling success, never giving up, and it means a few things. When you row a boat, you’re rowing, don’t ever look at me and paddle. That’s completely different. We’re rowing. Your back is to the future, which is something you cannot control, nor can you see. You have to trust the person in front of you, that you’re looking at, that they’re doing their job and rowing at the same speed, same efficiency as you are. But that’s the future, you can’t control that. You don’t know if there’s rocks, water falls, stormy seas, you don’t know what’s ahead of you. You’re rowing in the present, which is the only thing you can actually control, and the only thing you can actually have an impact on. You either choose to take your oars and put them back in the boat and stop, or you put them back in the water and continue to go. But you’re looking at the past, which is the only thing you can actually learn from. But you can’t change.

“There’s three parts to rowing a boat: there’s an oar, there’s a boat and there’s a compass. The oar is the energy you bring to your life, your family, your team, your spiritual life, your personal life, your social life. It’s the energy. Energy breathes love. If you love something, you’re going to put a lot of energy into it.

“The second part is the boat. The boat is the sacrifice. What are you going to give up for something that you never had. The more you sacrifice, the more you give. Our program is about two things: serving and giving. The more you give, the bigger the boat gets, the more people you can put in it and the sturdier the boat gets. You can go through any waterfall, any storms, you can fall off waterfalls, you can do a lot more when you have a sturdy boat. But there’s going to be people that want to put holes in that boat. There’s going to be people that want to throw you out of that boat eventually as a coach or player.”

“Then last but not least, the compass, which is the most important part for our young people, and that’s who you surround yourself with. Your compass is the direction of where your boat is actually traveling. But your traveling in the direction of people that you’re actually surrounded by, and you’ve got to be OK with your circle getting smaller as your life goes on by the decisions you make.”
The "Grove" Main Gym
Lady Warrior Basketball Varsity Players
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