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What time zone are you in? My classes are only offered live with no recordings allowed. I am in CST.
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Why do you want to take my course? On a scale of 1 to 10, how enthusiastic are you about learning a method of fertility awareness?
Are you aware that methods of fertility awareness require abstaining from penetrative sex while learning your patterns? Any deviation outside of this will be considered a failure of that method and not a failure of the fertility awareness based method you are learning.
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What is your current fertility situation? Are you trying to avoid or achieve pregnancy? Are you charting for health only? Have you recently had a baby? Are you on hormonal birth control or coming off of it? Please explain.
Do you need a payment plan or can you pay the full price up front ($250 USD)? (Payment Plan is $50USD down payment for first month, thereafter $25USD per month my help continues until the full price is paid.) This price includes one year free of NFPcharting app, the two live introductory classes, a 150 day paper chart with stickers, a Billings Ovulation Method booklet, and regular (varies throughout the program) live online meetings with me. Most people will work with me for 6 to 12 months.
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Please reach out to me if you need a scholarship option. I have very limited availability for reduced price or free courses. I do offer "Pay What You Can" introduction to charting sessions a few times a year. I am able to take low cost clients when I teach group classes.
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