Frostburn 2020 Early Arrival - Theme Camp Registration
This form is for TCO's to register their camp for pre-build weekend and early arrival. If you are in Open Camping, please fill out the other form. We will follow up via email once we review your submission.

Pre-build weekend for Theme Camps is Saturday Feb 8 & Sunday Feb 9.
Early Arrival is Wednesday Feb 12 beginning at 10am.

Noone who is not staff is permitted on site Monday or Tuesday.
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List the legal name for every camp mate who will be on site early. *
I will ensure that everyone who arrives early will have a printed and signed waiver. *
Explain exactly when you/your team plan(s) on being on site prior to gates opening Thursday at noon. If people within your group have specific requests, please include them here. *
Why do you require early access to the site? *
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I understand that, for insurance reasons, the kind folks running Frostburn are required to have signed waivers for everyone that is on site. I agree to make their life easier but thoroughly filling out this application making sure that only people I registered arrive early. *
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