2017-18 New Parent Survey
What is the present grade level(s) of your child/children attending SSVT? *
What is your town of residence? *
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From the time that your child expressed an interest in SSVT to your receipt of an acceptance letter, did you experience any problems or areas of confusion with any of the procedures?
Please tell us how we could improve the overall admissions process.
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Did you or a family member attend a vocational school or major in a vocational program? *
At what grade did you know that your son/daughter wanted to attend SSVT? *
Which best describes the family opinion on your child attending SSVT? *
How would you describe the reputation of SSVT in your community? *
Please explain: *
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To what extent do you agree with the following statements about why you sent your child to SSVT [To learn a trade] *
Strongly Agree
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Learn a trade
To get a fresh start
To accommodate my child's hands on learning style
To help my child be more employable after high school
To be ready to enroll in college
If you had to select the top reason for your child attending SSVT, which one would you choose: *
What are your post high school expectations for your child at this point? *
We very much would encourage parents to explain or expand on anything from the above statements regarding why you decided to enroll your child here at SSVT. Your additional input would be appreciated. *
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