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A quick monthly form that gives us an idea of what your unit has done over the past month so we can submit our District Reports
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Cookie Sales
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Programming for Girl Greatness:
List some of your units’ highlights here. Outings, camps, guest speakers, earned challenges, etc – this is a good place for others to find great ideas.
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The confidence to advocate - learning effective ways to speak out and take action on issues of importance to girls:
The definition for this section is above (it can be the most challenging!). Report here on service projects or other ways you have encouraged advocacy in your units or district.
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Effective and efficient organization:
What have you done to be especially effective/efficient lately? Think about administrative challenges you have solved, communication issues resolved, or financial practices improved upon.
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Strong & Growing Membership:
Have you done any bring a friend nights or been out in the community representing Girl Guides? If so what did you do?
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Any things that are coming up that you are super excited about:
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Any resources or company contacts that you would like to share with the district:
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Thanks so much for taking the time to complete this form, Jennifer & Andrea really appreciate it. We'll send out completed reports at the end of the month.
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