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If you have come to this form directly and did not review our main Wiki Requests Overview we ask that you review that information before submitting your request for approval.

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Please include the full course number, including section, ex. BIOL24001. If your course is merged on myCourses, provide the master course here then list the full course numbers of the child courses in to the Additional Comments field below.
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I understand that I am expected to administer the wiki space and maintain the user access & permissions, with the assistance of any administrators I assign. I understand Academic Technology Support will not maintain the wiki space on my behalf. I understand I should receive training on wiki use and administration. I understand that training and consultations are for faculty/staff only and that I will be responsible for training students, student employees, and co-ops who will work on the wiki space. Training can be requested using our consultation request at http://www.rit.edu/tls/consult
RIT's Code of Conduct for Computer and Network Use and RIT's Information Access & Protection Standard, *
I will maintain ongoing oversight of the wiki space to ensure it respects RIT's Code of Conduct for Computer and Network Use, it respects RIT's Information Access & Protection Standard, and it is an appropriate use of RIT resources. If I cannot continue to maintain personal oversight I will ensure oversight is transferred to an appropriate RIT faculty or staff member, or I will request that Academic Technology Support delete the space. http://www.rit.edu/academicaffairs/policiesmanual/sectionC/C82.html -- http://www.rit.edu/security/content/information-access-protection-standard
Federal Family Education Right to Privacy Act *
I understand as a course related tool I must respect the Federal Family Education Right to Privacy Act. I understand that if the wiki space is opened to the public by granting permission to anonymous viewing, a notice must be added to the home page of the wiki space and the students must be informed of public access in advance of their use. If public access is to be granted at any time after student use, I will get permission from each student or remove their work before public release. http://www.ed.gov/policy/gen/guid/fpco/ferpa/index.html
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