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Thank you for your interest in being on The First Episode Of! I am always amazed by the creativity and passion of the indie audio drama scene and love being able to have conversations with creators about their art.

You should be aware that The First Episode Of is usually booked out two months or so ahead, so it may be some time before an interview can be scheduled.

There's a lot of demand for limited time slots, and TFEO is run entirely by one person with no budget. This is why I have set up this form, to help me manage requests and make the best decisions for my audience. These questions are designed to help me get to know you, the creator, a little better.

The guests I like to choose for my show:
-- Are doing something innovative or uncommon in the audio drama field,
-- Have a different perspective or range of experiences to talk about, and/or
-- Are active in and supporting of the indie audio drama community.

You don't have to write really long answers here, but anything you can do to help me know you and your show better will help me make my decisions.

Thank you! - W. Keith Tims
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