Habitatnews: Records of Singapore's fauna and flora
This is a general form for the submission of records of Singapore's flora and fauna. At various times we have focused on contributions from the public for records of flowering trees such as Tembusu, Pulai or Sea apple trees (since 2005), or of sightings of animals such as the large swallowtail moth, Lyssa zampa (since 2005) or the Red Jungle Fowl (since 2010). Or you may have unusual records to submit.

There is a free form box at the end which you can use if you are submitting multiple records.

For submission of mammal records, please use http://mammal.sivasothi.com/

Please provide as much information as possible. I do realise it takes effort to contribute details and your interest and help is very much appreciated. These records enhance our understanding of for a and fauna in Singapore, and contributes to research – many of these requests arise from student research projects which we translate to conservation action and public education. through various working groups, this data is shared with with relevant such as NParks, NSS and ACRES.

We also communicate results through school talks and public events which we organise as NUS Toddycats such as the Evening of Biodiversity, the Biodiversity of Singapore Symposia and the Festival of Biodiversity, all of which are advertised on Habitatnews.

Thank you!

Sivasothi a.k.a. Otterman
Editor, Habitatnews:
N. Sivasothi (Mr) • National University of Singapore • Senior Lecturer, Department of Biological Sciences • Director of Studies, Ridge View Residential College • Research Associate, Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum • Email: sivasothi@nus.edu.sg / Web: http://www.sivasothi.com • Staff Advisor, NUS PEACE http://blog.nus.edu.sg/nuspeace • Coordinator, NUS Toddycats http://toddycats.wordpress.com • Coordinator, International Coastal Cleanup Singapore http://coastalcleanup.nus.edu.sg • Otter Watch Singapore http://fb.com/OtterWatch

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