2020 Interest Survey and Culture Audit
Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey. The D6 Worksite Wellness Committee values your insight and honesty. Your feedback will be used in planning events and activities for the upcoming school year. Your answers will not be shared outside the committee.

Take the survey in Spanish here/ Espanol aqui: https://forms.gle/MTkvDYdhgM45z1AZ8

Strategic Plan Alignment: Operational and Organizational Effectiveness Priority 3: Align district resources to maximize student achievement and create an environment of continuous improvement. Climate and Culture Priority 2: Provide a safe school environment including physical, social and emotional well-being for all.
Do you feel empowered to manage and advocate for your own healthcare? *
Do you regularly set wellness goals for yourself? *
Which three of the health topics listed below would you like to receive written information about? (Please check three) *
Would you participate in the following FITNESS programs at work? *
Corporate fitness membership rates
Exercise and fitness contests
Zumba classes
Yoga classes
Walking/running clubs
Summer onsite fitness classes
Would you participate in the following NUTRITION programs at work? *
Healthy cooking (meals/snacks)
Healthy eating challenge
Weight management programs (diet and exercise)
Healthy food options at staff meetings
Would you participate in the following SCREENING AND PREVENTION programs at work? *
Wellness fair
Flu shots
Body mass index/body fat testing
Blood pressure checks
Blood screening clinics
Smoking cessation programs
Vaping cessation programs
Stress reduction programs
Time management programs
Financial management
Please indicate the time that you prefer to participate in wellness programs at work: *
Everybody is in a different place when it comes to making healthy changes. Think about how ready you are to make changes or improvements in your health. Which of the following categories would you place yourself in? *
Do you find purpose or meaning in your work? *
Do you have a personal purpose and/or vision? *
Having a strong purpose in life has been shown to add years to your life, reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke and Alzheimer's, help you relax and sleep better and more! We would be honored if you are comfortable sharing your personal and/or work purpose and/or vision. We hope to put these into a "word cloud" to share. Remember that all answers are anonymous! Email rhurshman@greeleyschools.org if you need help formulating your purpose statement. This question is NOT required.
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