Foster Application
Please fill out the enclosed application completely.  Note that a fenced in yard is not a requirement, nor is a spotless home.  The history of our foster pets is often unknown, so we do hope you understand the reasoning behind our process to ensure a loving foster home, and a new future, for our rescue pets.
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Phone number
Email Address
Please upload a picture of your Driver's License to this Dropbox link.

This Dropbox is encrypted and only accessible by our Board members. We ask to have a copy of your Driver's License considering you will be working with pets and perhaps handling money for your volunteer role.
Are you 18 or older?
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How long will the pet be home alone each day?
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Where will pet be kept while alone?
List ages of children at residence
List full names of adults living at residence
What county or city do you live in?
List city only if you live within the legal limits of that city.  Otherwise list county.
Please list just the number of rooms in your house.  Please count bathrooms. If your basement is unfinished it counts as one room.
Do you own or rent your residence?
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If you rent, please describe your pet policy and provide your landlord's phone number.
List all pets in household
Type, age
Check all foster pet preferences
Are all household pets spayed/neutered and up-to-date on vaccinations?
Vaccinations include rabies, DHPP and bordetella for dogs and FVRCP for cats.
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How many pets could you foster at a time?
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Are you able to take foster pets to vet appointments if needed?
We have vets in Arnold, Columbia (IL), High Ridge, House Springs, Manchester, and St. Louis City. For emergency care, we only use Veterinary Specialty Services in Manchester.
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Are you able to take your pet to at least 2 adoption events per month?
We have events in Fenton and Sunset Hills.
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What supplies do you require in order to foster pets?
Supplies can be provided if purchasing them would create a financial hardship.
Personal veterinarian name and phone number
Please list two personal references that are not family members and their phone numbers.
We do require a home visit to be completed.  Please list below some times that work for you in the next week.
Although St. Louis Pet Rescue makes a strong effort to identify any temperament issues with pets before placement in a foster home, pets can be unpredictable.  By signing below, you agree that St. Louis Pet Rescue cannot guarantee the temperament of any pet and you agree to hold St. Louis Pet Rescue harmless for any damages or injuries caused by any pet you foster.  You also confirm by signing this application that all of your answers are true and correct to the best of your knowledge and belief.
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