Tell Your Legislator NO to Fracking in MA

The discovery of shale-gas deposits in western Massachusetts last summer raises the disturbing possibility that our state could face hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” for natural-gas extraction, posing unacceptable risks to our air, water, and climate.

The state of Massachusetts has the opportunity to be a leader against fossil fuel extraction, by being the second state in the country to impose a ban on fracking. The state house has introduced a bill, and its champions need to see our support in order for it to move forward. Legislators need to hear from YOU that we want this ban passed!

These calls are to show support for H.788, a bill introduced by Representatives Peter Kocot and Denise Provost to ban fracking and the processing of its toxic wastewater in the Commonwealth.


*Phone Call 1: Call the Chairs of the Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture and ask them to schedule a hearing*

The next step for this bill is to schedule a hearing so that the bill can get out of committee and onto the House floor to be voted on. You can help by calling the co-chairs of this committee, Senator Marc R. Pacheco and Representative Anne Gobi, to express your concern about fracking ask that HB.788 be scheduled for a hearing. SEE talking points are below.

Numbers to call:
- Senator Pacheco: 617-722-1551
- Representative Gobi: 617-722-2210


*Phone Call 2: Call YOUR Representative and ask them to support the fracking ban*

When calling your own representative, tell the legislative aide that you are a constituent. You can then voice your support for H.788, and ask the representative to support the fracking ban and if they have an existing position on the issue. SEE talking points are below.

To find your rep's number:
1) go to and enter your address. This will pull up your State Rep.
2) Once you have their name, go to and type in their name to pull up their phone number


**Calling Tips and Talking Points**

While it can be intimating to call the Legislature and speak with an staffer, remember that these offices are here to serve the people. The staff are happy to take calls from constituents. Act natural and don't be intimated!

When on the call, you can use any or all of the following talking points:

- Fracking pollutes our drinking water by exposing underground water sources to dozens of toxic chemicals that have been exempt from the Clean Water Act. (Source:

- Natural gas is not a clean energy source, it is still a fossil fuel which contribute significantly to climate change. If Massachusetts is serious about combating climate change, it cannot allow fracking here.

- As New York considers large-scale fracking, drilling operators could soon view Western Massachusetts as a convenient dumping ground for toxic fracking wastewater. This bill would also ban fracking wastewater from our state.

- A ban on fracking in MA would set a strong precedent for the rest of the country.
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