Fundraiser Registration - JBF Vacaville Spring 2019 (Feb 28-Mar 3)
Learn about how to join JBF and earn $$$ for your organization! Any type of group is welcome to apply (sports, clubs, playgroups, daycares, classrooms, ect). If you have questions, please contact Mary Eberle at or 707-761-2984.

JBF is your answer to the traditional fundraiser; a win-win opportunity for your organization or group! Just Between Friends is a community service event! We are families helping other families to make and save money and bless kids everywhere!

Step 1: Your group will gather gently used baby equipment/gear/furniture/large items, toys, children’s clothing, shoes, and books. All items must be in great condition, working, clean, and free from stains and tears. Our suggestion is that each participant bring 30-50 items depending on the size of your group.
Follow the Item Prep Checklist, at the following link:
These standards are required.

Step 2: Schedule a tagging party for your group. One of us will come to you, FREE of charge. Gather a team of at least 4-8 participants together, and we will give you 2 hours of FREE instruction, walking you through the process of prepping, and pricing your items. We will loan 2 tagging guns to your group, free of charge, (as long as they are returned in good condition) and provide the plastic fasteners. Other supplies will need to be provided by your group and we will help you with this (primarily, child size hangers--which may be purchased from us at $.10/ hanger, ziplock bags of all sizes, packing and painters tape, zip ties, safety pins and card stock, and someone's computer/phone and printer to print the tags).
Your team will keep all the items and drop them off on "drop off" day, during sale week. (See website for full instruction & dates/times: Drop off is Wednesday, Feb 27 from 2-8pm (

Step 3: We strongly encourage you to mark all your items half price for our half price sale. This gives you the greatest opportunity to make money. We also strongly encourage you to donate items that do not sell, to our partnering charity post sale. This gives you the opportunity to continue to bless our community by giving to others quality items that they could not purchase otherwise! Both of these decisions are yours to make. If you do not donate, someone from your group will be responsible to pick up the items at our pick up time, Sun., Mar 3, 2019 (see website for specific time: If you miss pick up, you forfeit your items and they will be donated.

Step 4: You provide helpers to help 24+ hours (cumulative) at the event. Shifts typically run in 4 hour increments, friends can sign up and help out together. (Example: 6 people helping for 4 hours each would satisfy the 24 hour helper requirement). Fundraiser members are welcome to sign up for any of our regular sale shifts. We encourage our fundraising organizations to help as a group during our set up or break-down or as cashiers during the sale. We can do whatever works best for your group! Together we can help you fundraise for your cause and build relationships within our community!

Step 5: Your check comes 2 weeks after the sale! Your group will make 70% of sales (less a $25 registration fee deducted from your check). It’s that easy! This fundraising opportunity requires no up front cash, has the potential to generate much more money for your cause, and supports families in our community by recycling your childrens' items! We would love to provide your group with free passes to get into the event so you can see for yourself how fun making and saving money is!

Some of your group members may be consignors themselves, and that is great! They can both consign for themselves and participate in the fundraiser. Just remember we need to keep personally consigned items and team members shifts separate from those grouped under your fundraiser; no doubling up. Please let us know if there are any questions regarding this!

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