Cornell Tech 2017-2018 - Recruiting Events Booking Form
Please complete the below survey to indicate how you'd like to engage with Cornell Tech students in 2017-2018 school year. We have expanded the number of students in each programs as well as starting a new, one year graduate program in Electrical Engineering in the fall. Feel free to propose alternative events and dates/times that work better for you- CT Career Services will be in touch after you completed the form to confirm the details and guide you on best practices.

Thank you!

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Your Hiring Needs (1) - please describe roles or provide links to the roles for which you're hiring. If you don't have job descriptions, please indicate key responsibilities and qualifications sought. *
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Your Hiring Needs (2) - full time jobs, summer internships or winter internships? (select all applicable) *
Full time jobs (students graduate in May 2018)
Winter break internships (approximately 5 weeks Dec'17-Jan'18)
SUMMER INTERNSHIPS -MS in IS '19 Programs Only
Students' Degrees - please select programs from which you'll be hiring (note graduation date next to each degree; select all applicable). To see program descriptions use this link *
Master in Computer Science '18
Master in Electrical & Computer Engineering'18
Master in Operations Research & information Engineering '18
Master of Law in Laws (LLM)'18
MS in IS, Connective Media'18
MS in IS, Health Tech'18
MS in IS, Connective Media'19 - summer internship
MS in IS, Health Tech'19 - summer internship
Events - please select events that you'd like to conduct for CT students in the winter/spring 2018. Description of events is below. Career Management team will follow up with suggested best practices and logistics upon your selection. All events are free to attend. *
On Campus Blitz Interviewing Events - speed -interviewing for companies seeking to hire students for full time and summer/part-time positions. Companies interview up to 8 students in 30 minute intervals. Interview schedule and resumes are provided ahead of time to confirm candidate selection. Tech Talks/Company Presentations are 30-60 min presentations that illustrate approaches to solving business and/or technical challenges. Interview Clinics/Mock Interviews - mock interviews to get to know students and help them master the art and science of interviewing.
Blitz interviewing event - Friday, April 20, 2018
Tech talks/Company presentation- 30-60 min
Company visit for students
Other - complete the next question
If you responded "Other" in the previous question, please describe events you'd like to conduct
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Please suggest best days and times (as many options as possible, would be appreciated). In general, most of on-campus presentations are in the evenings or Fridays *
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If you plan on conducting on-campus interviews, please indicate number of rounds, duration and format (live or video conference). Please indicate date/time preferences
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Do you sponsor international students on F1 student visa for H1B visa (full time employment only)? *
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