Science Demands Action Volunteer Recruitment
With the continued support for the Buffalo March for Science, which took place April 22nd 2017 in solidarity with worldwide Marches for Science, we are turning into a nonprofit organization, Science Demands Action, to continue our movement. We envision a world where communities use science to inform policy decisions.

This is an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to gain meaningful volunteer involvement, have a chance to guide the founding and development of our nonprofit organization, and those with a passion for science. Areas of interest include but are not limited to: Community organization, public speaking, policy research, lobbying, accounting, law, blogging, writing, podcasting, web design, graphic art, photography, videography, event coordination, education, and STEM.

We are looking for passionate volunteers with many skill sets to join us. We are open to all ability levels and time availability.

Our organization currently has 5 committees that work together to achieve our mission of guiding communities in using science for social good.

Policy - Researching policy and government action that is relevant to the mission of the organization and ensuring policy information presented or disseminated by the organization is appropriately sourced and accurate.

Finance - Develop fundraising strategies, and ensure tax and legal compliance through nonprofit incorporation process.

Marketing and Social Media - Managing Social Media accounts to provide engaging content to viewers.

Event Planning- Focusing on developing events that are consistent with our organization’s mission/vision/core values, central policies, and current events.

Educational Outreach - Improving scientific literacy in the community, determining the kind of activities that could enhance the general public’s knowledge, and working hands on to instruct adults and children on the scientific principle(s) that the event is centered upon.

Our first volunteer recruitment meetings are Wed. Oct 4th Norton 210 6-7:30PM and Thurs. Oct 5th 6-7:30PM Buffalo State. There is also an educational outreach opportunity Sat Oct 7th at Penn Dixie for Earth Science Day. Please fill out the following form and we will contact you with further information.

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