WAITLIST ONLY: white People Building Anti-White Supremacy Culture Workshop with Rebecca Gilgen
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Saturday, February 16th, 9:30am-12:30pm

white People Building Anti-White Supremacy Culture Workshop with Rebecca Gilgen

In this workshop people who identify as white will explore how whiteness shows
up in their lives, how white supremacy shapes their identity, and build consensus
on what a white identity without white supremacy would be. This workshop was
developed based on the work of Resmaa Menakem, MSW LICSW, in which he
suggests that to heal racial trauma white people need to re-create, re-imagine
white culture that does not include white supremacy. He goes on further to say
that “If America is to grow out of white-body supremacy, the transformation must
largely be held by white American’s. This transformation cannot primarily rely on
new laws, policies, procedures, standards, and strategies. We’ve already seen
how these are no match for our culture.” (My Grandmothers Hands, p262-263).
Space is limited to 10 individuals; registration will open Monday, January 14th.

Rebecca Gilgen MSW has been a part of the common ground community since
2015. She is a social worker engaged in systems disruption, healing and
transformation. She humbly approaches this work not as a skilled trainer, or
racial equity expert, but rather as a member of the white community, skilled in
Technology of Participation facilitation methods, curious and eager to explore
with other members of the white community “Can we play a role in re-naming
white culture?

Participants must agree to the following:
 We all identify racially as “white”,
 We recognize and own that in our white supremacist society we are
positioned to be at the top of the racial hierarchy because of slavery,
genocide and institutionalized oppression that results in our privilege,
 We realize we benefit from injustice and that this evokes guilt, shame and
 We agree that we can no longer be complicit in the oppression of others
based on race...
 We agree that we will use the results of this culture conversation to shift
our actions, behaving in a way that seeks justice for every person
 We agree that to begin we need to re-define the social construct of “white”
to include the truths we have just named,
 and we agree that today, we will embark on a creative process to develop
a new “answer” to the question, ‘what is white racial identity? An answer
that, in this moment, attempts to free itself from white supremacy.

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