Back at School - Now What?!
Howard Parents Share their questions, concerns and suggestions.
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The parent volunteers on the Howard School Council have heard from a number of parents already. Help us prepare for the first school council meeting of the year (on Wednesday 23 September at 7:00), by sharing your concerns, asking questions and making suggestions through this survey.
What grade(s) is your child/children in?
Now that schools have reopened and we've had a few days to see it in action, do you still have concerns? If so, what is your biggest concern with current TDSB safety plan? *
What other concerns do you have?
Would you be willing to support fundraising for outdoor classroom structures and/or equipment for outdoor learning while abiding by TDSB safety protocols? *
Do have any suggestions or ideas you'd like to share?
Would you be interesting in and, perhaps, willing to volunteer with the school this year? If so, please see below for a list of positions and areas of need.
Usually, there are a number of parent-led volunteer committees. This year, more than most years, students have left the school (either through graduation, moving away or choosing virtual learning). We have a number of past committees looking for new volunteers. Would you be interested in any of the following?
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Thank you for taking the time to provide your comments. The Home & School Council wishes you and your family all the best during these ongoing challenging times.
Sincerely; Erin, David, Laura, Alice, Taralyn, Cindy, Samantha and Michelle.
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