This form is for those who would be interested in having me create a digital drawing for them!
If you are looking to hire me for commercial work [that is, work you will be profiting from] please don’t use this form, email me at instead, as my commercial rates might differ!
My terms of service can be found at this link right here. PLEASE be sure to read them before submitting!


Please note that:
1) I can only take payment via PayPal at the moment. No cash, mail orders, or checks!
2) Prices listed are a starting point.
3) Elaborate character designs might cost extra.
4) Prices are USD

Once you have sent your form, I'll contact you within 2-7 business days to let you know if I will be able to create your piece. I can draw a variety of creatures and animals, and I am also open to drawing people, pets, fan characters, and humanoid characters as well. Just nothing NSFW or distasteful. I work best when I am given a fair amount of creative liberty, and tend to accept commissions that allow such.

All pieces will be completed within 30 DAYS of payment, or otherwise stated.

Want something not listed? You can specify in Section 4 of the form!
WANT UP TO $10 OFF YOUR COMMISSION? Consider picking a theme from the list! You can specify in Section 4 of the form! LINK:
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